Custom Ceramic (Ferrite) & Flexible Magnets

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Custom Ceramic (Ferrite) & Flexible Magnets

The Most Widely Used Magnetic Materials 

Integrated Magnetics carries a large inventory of ceramic & flexible magnetic materials in both standard & premium gradesWe design and build custom ceramic and flexible magnets, manufactured to meet your specialty requirements. Request for quote or contact us today for more information about our standard and custom ceramic or flexible magnets. We also offer a wide range of ceramic magnets, flexible magnetic sheets and magnetic strips, available for on-line purchase at

Custom Ceramic (Ferrite) Magnets

Ceramic (ferrite) magnets are sintered permanent magnets composed of Barium or Strontium Ferrite. Aside from good resistance to demagnetization, ceramic magnets are very low cost and ideal for a wide variety of applications.
  • Sizes & Shapes: Common stock sizes range from 0.250" to blocks that measure up to 10" on one dimension. Larger sizes can be made by assembling several smaller magnets together. Standard ceramic shapes include rectangles, discs, rings, and arc segments. Non-standard shapes can be custom fabricated to specifications from raw stock; we can custom manufacture virtually any shape & size to meet your specialty requirements.
  • Manufacturing: Ceramic(ferrite) magnets are produced by pressing and sintering fine powder into the required shape. Because they are hard and brittle, they require specialized machining techniques and are best machined in an un-magnetized state. We are fully equipped to machine these materials to your custom specifications.
  • Surface Treatments: Ceramic(ferrite) magnets have excellent resistance to oxidation, and do not typically require a protective coating, plating or surface finish.
  • Temperature Considerations:  Ceramic(ferrite) magnets can be used at temperatures up to about 525⁰F (300⁰C). Magnetic properties decline fairly linearly with temperature for this material.
  • Magnetizing & Handling:  Ceramic(ferrite) magnets require magnetizing fields of about 10 kilo Oersteds. They can be magnetized with multiple poles on one or both pole surfaces. No special handling precautions are required, except that large blocks of Ceramic magnets are powerful, so special care should be taken to ensure that they do not snap towards each other.
  • Common Applications: motors, magnetic couplings, sensors, loudspeakers, holding-magnet systems, crafts, novelties, toys, and more. 
  • Material Information: For more detailed material information & data sheets, visit our ceramic magnet materials page. 

Custom Flexible Magnets

Flexible magnets are produced by combining a Ferrite magnet powder with a plastic carrier material, offering nearly unlimited design versatility. Flexible magnet material can be bent, twisted, coiled, cut with scissors, printed, silkscreened or painted on with permanent or erasable markers, and easily adheres to other items. 
  • Sizes & Shapes: Standard shapes include strips, sheets and roll form in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, lengths & grades. Non-standard shapes can be custom cut, slit, or scored to your specifications. 
  • Manufacturing: We can custom produce flexible magnets into virtually any shape & size to meet your specialty requirements. Custom extrusions and injection molding are also an option for special high volume applications.
  • Surface Treatments: We can laminate a variety of pressure sensitive adhesives to flexible magnetic sheets and strips for both indoor & outdoor applications,for easy attachment to your products
  • Temperature Considerations: Flexible magnet materials can be used at temperatures up to about 250⁰F (120⁰C), limited by the plastic carrier material as opposed to the magnet material itself. Magnetic properties decline fairly linearly with temperature for this material. 
  • Magnetizing & Handling: Flexible magnetic materials are generally supplied with multiple-pole magnetic patterns that provides a higher holding force on ferromagnetic metallic surfaces. 
  • Common Applications: Appliances, automotive signage, displays, medical instruments, gaskets, sensing devices, and more.  
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