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Magnetic Assemblies

Complete System-Level Magnetic Assemblies

Our core business is manufacturing complex magnetic and electro-mechanical assemblies. Integrated Magnetics designs and builds Halbach arrays, high-speed rotors for motors, alternators and generators, magnetic bearings, magnetic couplings, high field magnetic yokes, magnetron components, as well as complete rotary and linear motorsactuators, and other electrical machines
  • Markets: Our primary markets include semi-conductor processing equipment, medical applications, oil & power, research, energy, aerospace, transportation, industrial automation, government, military, and defense.
  • Sizes: Sizes range from extremely small and complex micro-magnets to multi-level BOMs
    and assemblies weighing several hundreds of pounds.

  • Design & Engineering: We strongly recommend concurrent engineering at the design stage, as this most often results in more robust and manufacturable final products. We provide engineering, design, development and prototyping services, and can easily transition your project to full production as needed. Low to medium volume quantities are also easily accommodated.  
  • Production: We can accomodate production runs in quantities from one piece to tens to several hundred per month. When appropriate, unrestricted products can be transitioned to our low-cost region plants in a controlled, low-risk manner to achieve planned cost reductions.
  • Manufacturing Capabilities: Our in-house manufacturing capabilities include CNC machining of metal components, EDM, magnet grinding, assembly (including cleanroom assembly), rotor balancing, coil winding, electrical testing, magnetic characterization, serializing, hot-cold and vibration testing, and fully equipped metrology labs.
  • Quality Assurance: We routinely build assemblies with multi-level bills of materials, involving hundreds of components. Our ERP, planning and quality management systems are designed to support these activities. 
We also offer a wide variety of neodymium, alnico, samarium cobalt, ceramic & flexible magnets, available for on-line purchase at
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