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Brushless DC Motor

Brush Type DC Motors

Brushless Motors with Sensors

Custom Permanent Magnet AC & DC Servo Motors

With over 25 years of electro-mechanical design experience, CMI Integrated Technologies (Sister Company of Integrated Magnetics) builds all types of custom AC and DC motor assemblies. We manufacture a broad range of high performance motor types for industrial applications such as:

  • Servo Motors
  • Miniature brushless DC motors
  • Brushless DC motors with Hall sensors
  • Brushless motors with thermistors & position sensors
  • External rotor brushless DC motors
  • Hollow shaft brushless DC motors
  • Slotless brushless motors
  • Ironless brushless DC motors
  • DC brush type motors
  • Frameless brushless DC motors
  • Brush type torque motors
  • Harsh environment motors
  • Splined motors
  • Deep well drilling motors
  • Limited rotation torque motors
Send us a request for quote, or contact us today for more information about our custom-engineered motors.

Custom Motor Testing Capabilities

To ensure that the custom-engineered motors we deliver meet your performance and application requirements, we can perform a variety of tests in normal and extreme operating conditions. Our testing capabilities include:

  • Autoclave compatibility
  • EMC compatibility
  • EMI/RFI compatibility to military or other international standards
  • High altitude
  • Vibration compliances to most military, aerospace & automotive standards
  • Mechanical shock to most military & vibration standards
  • Radiation hardened to military or other international specifications
  • Salt spray & fog resistance
  • Thermal shock
  • Salt spray & fog resistant
  • Temperature ranges from -100º C to 300º C
  • Vacuum environments up to 10-12 Torr

Custom Motor Applications

CMI serves a global customer base in today's major markets. Common applications for our high-performance motors include:

  • Military & weapons systems
  • Naval applications
  • Aerospace applications
  • Medical devices & instruments
  • Industrial automation equipment
  • Oil well drilling equipment
  • Commercial scanners
  • Cryogenic pumps

To learn more about the markets we serve, visit our industries served page.

Your Custom Motor Project - How Can We Help?

Custom Engineered Magnetic Solutions

Send us a request for quote or contact us today for more information about our custom permanent magnet AC & DC Servo motor assemblies, and our experienced team of engineers will help you determine the most cost effective solution for your project. We also offer a wide variety of permanent magnets for on-line purchase at

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