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Additional Resources for Advanced Magnetics

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Technical Data & Useful Websites for Magnet Material Information

Integrated Magnetics has over 50 years’ experience in advanced magnetics, with a focus on designing and manufacturing custom magnets and magnetic assemblies for technical and commercial applications. With extensive engineering expertise, cutting edge production techniques, and global manufacturing solutions, we are the preferred source for custom magnet technology. From custom rare earth magnets to high-temperature magnets to sensor magnets and more, we can do it all.

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Technical Data for Magnet Materials

Useful Website Links

Adhesive Technical Data Sheets for Products Often Used In Bonding Magnets:

Recommended Reading

Learn more about magnets and magnetics with our recommended reading list:

  • Advances in Permanent Magnetism, by Rollin J. Parker (ISBN 978-0471822936)
  • Permanent Magnet Design & Application Handbook, by Lester R. Moskowitz (ISBN 978-0894647680)
  • Permanent Magnet Materials & Their Application, by Peter Campbell (ISBN 978-0521566889)
  • Introduction to Magnetic Materials, by B.D. Cullity & C.D. Graham (ISBN 978-0471477419)
  • Introduction to Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, by David Jiles (ISBN 978-1482238884)
  • Modern Magnetic Materials:Principles & Applications, by Robert O'Handley (ISBN 978-0471155669)
  • Physics of Magnetism, by Soshin Chikazumi & Stanley H. Charap (ISBN 978-0471155355)
  • The Structure and Properties of Ferromagnetic Materials, by R.A. McCurrie (ISBN 978-024824959)
  • Ferromagnetism, by Richard M. Bozorth (ISBN 978-0780310322)
  • Magnetism Principles and Applications, by Derek J. Craik (ISBN 978-0471929598)