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Custom Electrical Machines & Motors

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Custom Engineered Electrical Machines - Designed-to-Specification or Built-to-Print

CMI Integrated Technologies

CMI Integrated Technologies (Sister Company of Integrated Magnetics) specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom-engineered electrical machines. We work on a concurrent basis with our customers to optimize their product designs for weight, power density, efficiency, cost, and environmental conditions. Our vertically-integrated production capabilities facilitate rapid prototyping, design optimization, and qualification of the end product to customer applications, from prototyping to low and medium production volumes.

We design and build a full line of custom-engineered electrical machines, from permanent AC and DC servo motors, to linear & rotary actuators, alternators & generators, resolvers and more. Send us a request for quote or contact us to get started on your project.

Your Custom Electrical Machine Project - How Can We Help?

Custom Engineered Magnetic Solutions

Working with an experienced magnet engineering & manufacturing team is critical for successfully producing these complex product lines. Integrated Magnetics has developed a wealth of experience and expertise in this specialty arena. Contact us today or send us a request for quote about your project’s unique requirements, and let us know how we can help.

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Custom Electrical Machines for All Applications

We have the experience and the expertise to deliver a full line of custom-engineered solutions, from custom alternators to custom motors, rotary actuators, and much more. Our custom electrical machines include:

Complete Testing Capabilities

To ensure quality and conformity to our customers’ design requirements, we build and test electrical machines for normal and extreme operating conditions. Our testing capabilities include:

  • Vibration compliances to most military, aerospace & automotive standards
  • Mechanical shock to most military & vibration standards
  • Thermal shock
  • High altitude
  • Salt spray & fog resistant
  • Extreme humidity
  • Temperature ranges from -100ºC to 300ºC (-148°F to 572°F)
  • Vacuum environments up to 10-12 torr
  • EMI/RFI compatibility to military or other international standards
  • EMC compatibility
  • Radiation hardened to military or other international specifications
  • Autoclave compatibility

Common Applications for Electrical Machines

CMI serves customers in major markets across the globe. Common applications for our