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The eJet Motor

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The World’s First Rim-Driven Jet Propulsion Motor

The Ejet Motor

In 2023, Integrated Magnetics entered a successful partnership with Duxion to create the eJet Motor. Duxion’s patented electric jet motor design is an all-electric turbo fan motor with the means of matching existing jet engine thrust but without the emissions. The motor utilizes a novel permanent magnet technology to deliver the highest power to weight ratio in the lightest package, allowing for electrification of jet aircraft.

Teams from Integrated Magnetics’ Arizona facility and Duxion built and tested all operating parameters of this unique design. Specialty features include:

  • The motor operates at extremely high speeds of 30,000 rpm.

  • The motor has a very high “operating efficiency” of more than 97%. As a result, it has an exceptionally low reactive power, resulting in extremely low heat losses.

  • The motor’s unique design results in high-power density, making the total volume to weight ratio of the E-Jet 2000 engine about 40% smaller than a conventional engine of the same power output operating on aviation fuel.

  • The motor’s noise and resonant frequency is much lower than conventional engines.

  • The motor operates on either direct battery cells or with a combination of batteries and hydrogen fuel cells.

High speed, high efficiency, low thermal constants, reduced vibration combined with superior power density makes this new motor the most versatile and advanced of its kind for the next generation of electrical machines for aviation.

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