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Permanent Magnet Rotors

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Permanent Magnet Rotors

High-Speed, High-Reliability & High-Efficiency Permanent Magnet Rotors

For over 25 years, Integrated Magnetics has developed and refined the expertise needed for the technical design and manufacturing of permanent magnet rotors for high-performance electrical machines

In 1993, Integrated Magnetics began rotor production for the aerospace industry, establishing the first of its kind, high-volume production plant for precision rotors. Since then, we have become one of the industry's leading turn-key manufacturers of magnetic rotor assemblies, partnering with multiple businesses in diverse markets across the globe. 

Magnetic Rotor Assemblies Designed & Built for Demanding Applications

High Speed Permanent Magnet Rotor

We specialize in building high-speed rotors for turbo compressors, rotors for precision servomotors, high-efficiency rotors for medical and aerospace applications, rotor assemblies for micro-gas turbine generators and more.

Our customized permanent magnet rotors are uniquely designed and built for demanding applications, adhering to rigorous standards required for the aerospace, military, energy, medical and OEM industry. We offer a complete circle of capabilities for rotor production, from design engineering and prototyping through to high volume manufacturing.

Rotor Assembly Project Examples

High Performance Rotors
  • High Speed Rotors - Custom built for military and defense applications involving extremely high rotatational speeds (150,000 rpms and up), as well as surface finishes designed for air-bearings.
  • Integrated, Balanced Rotors - with containment sleeves (shrink-fit or composite wound) for military and defense equipment as well as turbo compressors.
  • High-Precision Rotor Assemblies - Built for servo motors used in military and aerospace motion-control systems, requiring very tight tolerances for dimensions, concentricity's and run-outs.​
  • Complete Rotor & Stator Systems - Designed and built for high-speed systems such as turbo molecular pumps and micro-gas turbine generators.
  • High-Reliability Rotors - Built for motors used in artificial hearts, blood pumps and other critical components for medical equipment.

Testing & Inspection Capabilities

Our process design and control, as well as our wide range of testing & inspection capabilities ensure zero-defect components and additional test processes are available upon request to meet your unique requirements. Testing services incude:

  • Vibration                         
  • High temperature
  • Low temperature
  • Thermal Shock                  
  • Salt spray/fog testing

Your Custom Project - How Can We Help?

Custom Engineered Magnetic Solutions

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and let us know how we can help. 

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