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Samarium Cobalt Magnet Material Overview

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Samarium Cobalt Magnet Material - High in Magnetic Strength & Corrosion Resistant

Samarium Cobalt magnets, the first commercialized "Rare Earth" magnets were introduced in the early 1970s. Today, they are used most often in applications which involve elevated temperatures and the need for high magnetic properties. On a dollar per pound basis, the cost of SmCo magnets is about 25 to 50 times that of ferrite magnets.

Integrated Magnetics designs & builds custom samarium cobalt magnets and magnetic assemblies, manufactured to meet the needs of your specialty requirements. Send us a request for quote or contact us today for more information about standard or custom SmCo magnets. Large inventory of SmCo magnets are also available for on-line purchase at

Key Benefits of Samarium Cobalt Magnet Material

  • High magnetic strength: up to about 32MGOe.
  • Can operate at temperatures up to about 300°C.
  • Does not require protection against oxidation.

Key Challenges of Samarium Cobalt Magnet Material

  • Very brittle and hard to machine.
  • Because this material contains cobalt, the cost of SmCo is relatively high.

Quick Facts about Samarium Cobalt Magnet Material

  • Density: 0.300 lbs. per cubic inch.
  • Saturation magnetizing field required: about 50kOe.
  • Manufacturing methods: sintering (most common), injection molding and compression bonding.
  • Available shapes: blocks, bars, discs, rings, arc segments, etc.
  • Available grades: from about 1410 to 3214. (First 2 digits represent BHmax; second two digits represent Intrinsic Coercivity, or Hci).
  • Sizes: off tool, the largest die pressed blocks are about 3"x3", while isostatically pressed blocks can be much longer in the orientation direction (up to 9'). 

Surface Treatments for Samarium Cobalt Magnet Material

  • Because they are not subject to oxidation, SmCo magnets generally do not require any additional surface treatment.


  • SmCo magnets are very brittle and can easily chip or break upon impact.
  • All Rare-Earth magnets are very powerful; special care must be taken in handling these magnets to avoid injuries.