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Technical Resources

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With over 60 years of expertise in advanced magnetics, our team of experienced engineers offers advice and design assistance to help you determine the most cost effective way of providing you with what you need. In addition, our technical resource libary provides more in-depth information on the field of magnetics, magnetic materials, magnetic power, on-line calculator tools & more. Contact us today for assistance with your magnetic design, and if you don't find what you are looking for, let us know how we can help.
Magnet Materials Overview Icon Magnet Materials - Overview
A useful summary of magnetic
materials & properties of each type
to help you decide what you need.
  On Line Calculators Icon On-Line Calculators
For measuring flux densities, unit of
measure conversions, pull
calculations & more.
Magnet FAQs Icon Magnet Basic FAQ's
Answers to commonly asked questions
about magnetism, magnetic strength
& power.
  Magnet Testing  Standards Icon Magnet Testing & Standards
A comprehensive overview of
industry standards & magnet testing
Magnetics 101 Design Guide Icon Magnetics 101- Design Guide
A complete guide of magnet design,
engineering considerations, manufacturing
methods & more.
  Shipping Magnets By Air Icon Shipping Magnets by Air 
Detailed information about packing
requirements, classifications, safety
regulations & more.
Glossary of Magnetic Terms Icon Glossary of Magnetic Terms 
A comprehensive list of
magnetic terms &
their definitions.