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Total Magnetic Solutions: The Integrated Technologies Group

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From stock magnets to custom magnets, complex multi-component magnetic assemblies and electrical machines, the Integrated Technologies Group is a vertically integrated company, providing complete solutions for your magnetics needs. Custom magnetic solutions include:

Custom Magnets & Assemblies for All Industries & Applications 

With our US-based manufacturing facilities in California and Arizona, as well as our company owned, low-cost region plants in Mexico and China, we deliver cost optimized solutions for virtually any magnetic requirement. All locations operate under our well-established quality management systems, and are audited and registered to the ISO 9000 standard.

custom magnets & magnetic assembliesIntegrated Magnetics provides world class engineering and manufacturing services in advanced magnetics, designing and building custom magnets, magnetic assemblies, and mission critical magnetic systems from prototype to production quantities. Request a quote or contact us today to discuss your project's specialty magnet requirements.

Established in 1990, CMI Integrated Technologies designs and builds custom engineered, electrical machines such as motors, alternators, actuators, resolvers and sensors, as well as other specialty electromagnetic products.


Our wholly owned Mexico plant, Integrated Magnetics de Mexico (IMDM) was established in 2008. This world-class operation allows us to provide cost-optimized solutions with reduced transit times. Click here to learn about our Mexico facility, which specializes in CNC precision machining, grinding, EDM, and technical magnetic assemblies.


Our China plant, Atlas Integrated Manufacturing (AIM), established in 2002, was built on "copy-exact" and systematic quality principles from the ground up. Click here to learn more about our China facility, which specializes in precision and ultra-precision CNC machining, magnet grinding, coil winding, chemical cleaning, and clean room assembly, as well as electrical machine assembly and testing. 


Visit, our online storefront, to purchase magnets and magnet accessories. offers a wide variety of stock magnets in various materials, grades, shapes, and sizes. All products are available for immediate purchase, with fast shipping and a low minimum quantity order.


Magnet Sales & Manufacturing has been providing stock and custom magnets since 1955. We stock flexible, neodymium, samarium cobalt, ceramic, and alnico magnets. Our materials are fully licensed, traceable, and inspected for magnetic and mechanical characteristics before going into our inventory. Read more.


Contact Us for Total Magnetic Solutions

No matter what your application may be, what level of performance you require, or size, shape, or configuration you need, we can provide the perfect magnetic solution. Request a quote or contact us today for the custom magnets, custom magnetic assemblies, or electrical machines your application requires.
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